International Scientific Journal of Methods and Models of Complexity

The Journal deals with the question how complex real life problems can be analyzed and handled with scientific methods and models.

Because such problems most of the time cannot be handled by one discipline, the journal is interdisciplinary.

Contributions may come from the social and natural sciences that practice interdisciplinary research of complex problems.

In the past articles are published with topics as

  • 'Policy making for complex problems'
  • 'Participative Model building in Healthcare'
  • 'Complex System Theory for Analysis of Locomotion'
  • 'Non Linear Models for Economy'
  • 'From Information to Communication'
  • 'Logistic Modeling for Complex Situations'
  • 'Computer Simulation of Chaos and Order'
  • 'Evaluation of Future Predictions'

Two referees will review submitted articles, and on their advice the editors will decide about the publication.

From time to time a special edition on a theme will be published.


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